A drawn image of Master Chief, from the Halo franchise.


"Remember when you said this would be fun? You lied."


I guess there's certain dreams that you gotta keep, 'cause they only know what you let 'em see


Yes, I am a kinnie.


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Hi I'm Maios!!! I usually go by kinnie names, so you'll see me being called Chief, Bee, but I also go by my middle name (which my best friends usually call me by- Konni). I'm 16 years old, a latino trans man!
I absolutely adore Halo, if you want to be my friend, tag me in Halo content & I'll be loyal to you forever. My favorite color is yellow, & my second favorite game (second to Halo) is Virtual Virtual reality.
I mainly listen to Khalid, my current favorite song (as of 1.5.19) is Pyramids by Frank Ocean.
My best friends are Kanen, Ronan, & BB. They're all can be found on my Tumblr.
My boyfriend Perseus can be found on my Tumblr (or, more likely, my Mastodon account).


I kin Master Chief from the Halo franchise! He's a big ID of mine, & doubles are cool to interact with me! If you simply kin from the Halo franchise, please interact!
I also kin BEE from Virtual Virtual Reality! Not really anyone knows it, but I'm fine with doubles & kins of the other characters from the game.

Where you can find me

Tumblr: @toc
Mastodon: @[email protected]
Discord Acct: ask on tumblr or mastodon
Vent: ask on tumblr or mastodon
Twitter: @haicyone